When the legacy of traditional fruit planting meets state-of-the-art science in sustainable agriculture, combined with the knowledge of quality fruit distillation process passed on through generations, a noble brand is well within the reach. Add some subtle craftsmanship to the blend and the resulting product is our well established pear brandy we are very proud of.

Exclusively Williams pear cultivar is used in distillation process, yearly production capacity amounts to ~2000 litres of high quality liquor.

Currently, we are delivering our product to selected specialized stores beside some appointed bars and restaurants within Slovenia. Alongside, our viljamovka is popular as a valuable gift for various occasions and we are frequently requested to retail batches for the purpose of business gifts. Global G.A.P. certificate is held for fruit cultivation practice while the distillery is registered and certified with the Slovenian authorities.

We aim to deliver an outstanding product able to meet the demands of most exquisite connoisseurs and promote Williams pear brandy as a traditional heritage of our region.